Kosher Bologna


Size Optional, up to 1
Large (add $1.50)
Bread Option Required, up to 1
Sliced Rye
Sliced Whole Wheat
Sliced White Bread
Poppy Kaiser Roll
Sub Roll - White
Sub Roll - Wheat
Seedless Rye
Marble Rye
No Bread
White Wrap
Wheat Wrap
Tomato Basil Wrap
Spinach Wrap
Toppings Optional, up to 12
Tomato (add $0.50)
Black Olives
Hot Peppers
Sweet Pepper
Green Pepper
Banana Pepper
Sliced Pickles
Coleslaw (add $0.50)
Bacon (add $1.99)
Condiments Optional, up to 12
Oil & Vinegar
Yellow Mustard
Salt & Pepper
Thousand Island ( Russian ) Dressing
Deli Mustard
Honey Mustard
Horse Sauce
Cheese Options Optional, up to 2
White American (add $0.50)
Yellow American (add $0.50)
Swiss (add $0.50)
Provolone (add $0.50)
Cheddar (add $0.50)
Muenster (add $0.50)
Mozzarella (add $0.50)
Extra Cheese (add $0.50)
Total : $11.99